Alexandra Navas

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  • Cooking a batch of tapioca pearls for a boba tea

  • Petting and hugging both Blue (her cat) and Max (her dog)

  • Crocheting for hours

Hi there! Alex is a UI/UX designer born and raised in Honduras, but she's currently living in Austin. Currently, she is the Senior Designer for Sorin Oak, and the design team and her are working on designing the latest issue. She has done a variety of work, such as app prototypes, digital illustrations, short animations, social media content, and digital marketing strategies. She also interned with 360 Marketing Solutions as the events coordinator and worked alongside MCM, a small design studio, to aid in the filming of commercials for the rebranding of Church’s Chicken.


As a graphic designer, my main drive is to create designs that will communicate something or help solve a problem. I employ a rational and systematic approach when creating my work. I also tend to place a lot of focus on typography. The outlines and shading used in the typefaces I employ are often inspired by the Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type in William H Page’s book, as I enjoy how it can be used to accentuate titles. With a keen interest in color palettes, I like to focus on how colors can be used best to create harmony with each other as well as being pleasing to the eyes. I’m aiming to incorporate more digital illustrations based on photographs that resemble the flat illustration style. This illustration style allows for very minimalistic yet colorful illustrations, which is something I have a preference for. Because of my focus on vector graphics and illustrations, most of my work is made digitally using Adobe Illustrator. I’m currently interested in printing with the risograph and exploring how drastic the approach between printing analog and digitally is.