I used to think that I was alone on the road to 

self-discovery, but the truth is that as we get older and have new life experiences, our sense of self naturally fluctuates.

This is my story...


I grew up in San Pedro Sula. It’s one of two major cities in Honduras, a small country in Central America.

I went to a small bilingual school called SERAN, but my high school experience was not fun, to say the least...


In an attempt to fit in, I joined the school’s volleyball team. The last straw for me was being constantly yelled at during a match - I decided that something had to change.

I gave ballet a chance, and a couple of band-aids and a pulled hamstring later, it completely changed who I was. It taught me responsibility and sparked a passion in me that I didn’t even know I had.


Things changed rapidly once again when I left home to go to college. I stuffed my life into a suitcase (plus a carry-on) and moved

to Austin to attend St. Ed’s.

Being alone in a new city (and a new country) was at first terrifying, but this newfound freedom gave me space to explore what I liked.

One of the biggest outlets for me was listening to new music.


Finding myself was fun until I realized I had to decide on a career path. I was given the seemingly impossible task of navigating who I wanted to be as a designer.

During all of this, I happened to attend a seminar that completely shattered my hopes - the international student employment workshop.


I was disturbed that no matter how hard I worked, my future was entirely dependent on a lottery. I knew that I couldn't give up though...