Timeline: ~3 weeks

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Risograph Printer

Libro de Recuerdos
Risograph Printed Book


Small illustrated book with a belly band created as a memento to compile all of the memories I have of my grandmother. It was sewn together using embroidery thread. Featured at the Student Juried Exhibition 2020.


My goal with this project was to improve my illustrations skills. By having a color palette, I wanted for my illustrations to be the main focus of this piece. 



I began this project by first writing out all of the fun things I wanted to highlight about my grandmother, and I did small sketches on my sketchbook. 


After finding my favorite picture of my grandmother, I began illustrating each page of my book using the blob tool in Illustrator, and did several test prints along the way.


I headed out to buy paper to print on the risograph. I ended up choosing a bright green color, as it is my grandmother's favorite color (since it's the color of money). I then changed my ink colors to green and blue to best match my paper and did more test prints. At this point I decided my book was missing something, so I decided to add a belly band. I made one using scrap paper to get the measurements.


To assemble, I cut my risograph prints to size. I collated each individual book, and folded it in half. As a way to commemorate how crafty my grandmother is, binded each book by sewing it using blue embroidry thread.